Centres of Excellence 

We have a dedicated and committed team of staff who together make up the skills and services of the Seda Construction Incubator (SCI). We pride ourselves on the quality and excellence of the Business Mentors, Business Development Managers and the training offered. SCI has been nominated for four years in a row as the top achiever in the Incubation category by the DTI, an achievement which reflects our passion and commitment to attaining Centres of Excellence. SCI is a well resourced organisation which is managed by a CEO and is accountable to it’s own Board of Trustees, with head office situated in Durban.

There has been political will and administrative support for the SCI’s Contractor Development Programme. This is demonstrated by the fact that all incubator centres are implemented in partnership with a municipality. Administrative support from DTI and the municipalities ensures the continuous support of the programme over a period of time.


  • Women in construction
  • Youth in construction
  • Civil engineering contractors
  • General building contractors
  • Electrical engineering contractors
  • Mechanical engineering as well as specialised construction contractors registered with the CIDB