Training and Development 

SCI recognises that from a business perspective, construction needs may include a range of services such as providing access to technology and to business development support services such as venture capital. The technical training that we provide ensures that incubatees are skilled enough to complete projects in the open market. Clients are coached in a range of skills in order to complete a SAQA qualification which is in line with a NQF Level 5 qualification and approved by the Construction CETA. The areas of training include the transfer of skills in General Building skills, Electrical Engineering skills and Civil Engineering Construction.

General business skills training includes business planning, pricing, sourcing, marketing as well as specialised skills such as Company tax law, BEE requirements, health and safety. Experts are bought in on an ad-hoc basis in order to offer specialised workshops ensuring that incubates receive the most current and expert training in specialised areas. Particular emphasis is placed on the contractor’s third and final year of tenure as the SCI consolidates capacity in preparation for the clients exit from the incubator. This involves building capacity and skills around the individual contractors identified weaknesses and further developing business strategies which harness his/her strengths for optimal performance.